Social Media User Compare Prateek Kuhad With Mohammad Rafi, Netizens React
Social Media User Claims Prateek Kuhad Is Better Than Mohammad Rafi, Netizens Has The Most Hilarious Reactions ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Wikipedia ; Facebook )

Whenever there’s a conversation about the best Indian singers, the majority will agree that more than the new age artists, the singers from our elders’ generations had some of the best performers. Singers such as Mohammad Rafi, Kishore Kumar or RD Burman are among the top-ranking singers that the country has produced. However, a social media user doesn’t think so and feels Abhijeet Sawant or Prateek Kuhad are far better than them. Do you agree? Scroll below to read the whole scoop.

The user stirred a debate on the micro-blogging site after sharing an unpopular opinion about Rafi and Kumar not being as great as Abhijeet or Prateek. Soon after the tweet went viral, other netizens started targeting the user with trolls and other hilarious responses.

A Twitter user named ‘PeeleRaja’ compared veteran singers with new-age artists claiming the singers of this generation are much better. The user wrote, “Unpopular opinion. Prateek Kuhad and Abhijeet Sawant are far better singers than Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar.”

The user further added, “Rafi and Kishore became popular just because they sang duets with Lata Mangeshkar, whose screechy voice sounded like cat nails on a glass board. In comparison, their voices were more soothing. If they had sung with Sunidhi or Alka Yagnik, they would have been exposed.”

The Twitterati even went on to add, “All still better than Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan who howled like a hyena in heat.”

Soon the tweet went viral, reacting to the same, a user wrote, “You forgot the best female singers – Dhinchak Pooja & Amruta Fadnavis,” another wrote, “Jethalal better batsman than thala,” a third user wrote, “Totally agree. And Anu Malik is better than RD Burman. I’m already beginning to like u,” a fourth comented, “Obviously Tony Kakkar. Who are even Hariharan, Shankar Mahadevan and SPB in front of Tony. Silly question,” a fifth wrote, “Honey Singh is better poet than Ghalib.”

Let us know in the comments what you think about this unpopular opinion and do you also feel Abhijeet Sawant or Prateek Kuhad are best in comparison with Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar?

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