Salman Dabangg Khan has proved it time and again that his fan base is humungous and his fans have proved it that they can do anything, just to catch a petty glimpse of Robinhood Pandeyji. A fresh example is of Bajariya Police station in Kanpur, which was swarmed over by thousands of fans upon hearing a baseless rumor that “Dabangg 2” was being shot at that particular Police Station.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan


The mob hooted and cheered Salman’s name, all wished just to have a sneak-peek of the Tiger, wanted to see the shooting. Some flew in from the nearby villages and some waited for prolonged hours. All for just to treat their eyes with a glance of their superstar, Salman Bhai.

The crowd went out of hand quite a few times and the situation reached heights when every passing SUV was not spared, as they thought in it might be Sallu Bhai. The local politician who was in the SUV was totally dumb-struck.

Gratuitous rumor for them strengthened as the Police Chowki was recently painted, the localites eyed with suspicion that it had never been painted in so many years then how come suddenly; surely there was some sort of shooting going on. Oh! Smart crowd, they run their brain processors with super fast speed. But Alas! All was a groundless hoax.

At last, when the assemblage when way out of hand, Police had to resort to mild lathi charge. Hence after three hours of needless wait, some were even arrested and Police also filed a case against 1500 unrecognized people for blocking streets and creating a ruckus.





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