The two superstars of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan cannot steer clear from creating controversies with each other. The two actors have been at loggerheads with each other ever since things went awry at Katrina Kaif’s Birthday bash in 2008.


While the two tried to make amends and made up at the Iftar party and a recent award function, things are still sour between the two. At a recent event for the promotion of a watch brand that Shah Rukh endorses, the actor made a snide remark in his usual playful manner on Salman shocking everyone present at the event.

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan
Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan

The actor who was accompanied by director Kunal Kohli at the event, showed distaste towards Kunal’s choice after Kunal stated ‘Jai Ho‘ was the last film seen by the director.

But does this comment of Shah Rukh show that things are not yet settled between the Karan-Arjun duo is quite debatable.

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  1. Bl**dy back-stabber Bakra Shahrukh from Bakrapur can’t entertain the audiences without taking digs at others. Totally crooked person.

  2. When Salman makes some funny comments, you title it as “Salman cross the limits with his nasty jokes” but when SRK take digs at others, you title it as “Playful SRK….” R u actually media or pro-srk l0bby gr0ups. y d0uble standard?

    • Jai, I think The Head/Chief Of The site Unaware Of those double standard activities !
      Hopefully One day He/She or They ‘ll Notice n ‘ll Take some action against those biased article writers..

      m Hopeful…
      Jai Ho.

  3. Salman fans are the meanest and foulest of creatures. Shahrukh’s innocent jokes rubs the ego of the wrong sort of crowd. Their taste, language disgusting and thoughts are all disgusting. Once miffed they go extremely offensive. Standard example of people who have to reminded to be human with campaigns like ‘Being Human’. Shahrukh be careful. Just don’t pick a topic related to Salman at all. The foul creatures are hunting for every remark on Salman and go crazy over it.


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