Pankaj Tripathi On The Beauty Of Panchayat Elections: "It Makes It Easier For The Villagers...."
Pankaj Tripathi On The Beauty Of Panchayat Elections: “It Makes It Easier For The Villagers….” – Deets Inside (Pic Credit: Facebook/Pankaj Tripathi)

Pankaj Tripathi is one of the most loved actors in the industry. Apart from his great acting chops, he is also known for his simplicity and leading a grounded life. The actor who is connected to his roots has now urged people in his home state of Bihar to come out in landslide numbers and participate in the upcoming Panchayat elections.

Speaking at an event, Pankaj said, “Panchayat elections is one great example of basic democracy and that everyone should participate in the upcoming elections for their own betterment.”

The actor is a farmer’s son and hails from Belsand, a village in the Gopalganj district of Bihar. Pankaj Tripathi has seen village life and the problems up close. He feels that grassroots problems can only be solved through the democratic process of elections.

So, when the authorities of the State Election Commission, Bihar, got in touch with Pankaj Tripathi, he immediately gave a nod to spread the message about the importance of Panchayat elections in a villager’s life. He understands that every level of governance needs to be strengthened from its roots for the country’s progress.

Explaining further, he said, “The beauty of the Panchayat elections lies in the fact that the contestants are from the village itself so it makes it easier for the villagers to know their candidates thoroughly. The Election Commission has introduced modern techniques such as biometrics and EVMs to standardise the process of elections,” he added.

The authorities are confident that Pankaj Tripathi’s popularity will surely translate into a huge turnout at the polling booths.

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