Former Chairman of Central Board Of Film Certification (CBFC), Pahlaj Nihalani, was probably the most controversial individual amongst others, who served the post. Amidst several controversies, the one related to movie Udta Punjab is well known for which Anurag Kashyap challenged the censor board in the court. Now it seems like reversal of fortune for Nihalani as he claims that his upcoming Rangeela Raja starring Govinda, might miss its release of November 16 due to sluggishness of the board and also targets Amitabh Bachchan-Aamir Khan starrer Thugs Of Hindostan.

Pahlaj who is known for producing movies like Haathkadi, Shola Aur Shabnam and Aankhein, blamed the present Chairman of CBFC, Prasoon Joshi. As per him, his own produced Rangeela Raja, is being delayed for a certification due to irresponsible Prasoon Joshi.

Pahlaj Nihalani Bashes CBFC Of Being Partial; Points At Aamir Khan's Thugs Of Hindostan
Pahlaj Nihalani SLAMS CBFC Of Being Partial; Points At Aamir Khan’s Thugs Of Hindostan

As per the report in Mid-Day, Nihalani said, “I don’t see a reason why my film has not been certified yet, especially since I sent it to them almost one-and-a-half months earlier. As per the rule, the chairman needs to show the movie within 21 days to the committee and let them decide what needs to be done. But the problem is that the chairman (Prasoon Joshi) is hardly present in the office. When I was the chairman, I would stay back in the office and work even on holidays.”

He also stated that CBFC is partial about the big banner movies, as such movies are granted a certification following a fast procedure. He said, “They say it takes 68 days for the CBFC to clear a film. But I came to know that Thugs Of Hindostan, despite being submitted for clearance much after my film, has already got a certificate. I am assuming that is because Aamir [Khan] and Prasoon [Joshi] are friends. They give preferential treatment to big studios”, as reported.

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