I am 23 years old Rajput girl working in Mumbai. Every single day I am being questioned whether I belong to or know that “Karni Sena group” which has been creating a havoc in the country just because of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming film Padmaavat.

I am not against my caste but I am not in favour of my caste as well. But I want to question the people of my caste group–Is this the right way to revolt against a film? Should you go against your law and order? Aren’t you questioning the Freedom of expression and freedom of choice of the people? Isn’t this mixing of politics and entertainment just for your political benefits?

First, you guys did not let the film release on its stated date because of your elections, objections, allegations etc etc etc….. the list goes on without stating the real reason behind the postponed!!!

Padmaavat Row: I Am Being Ashamed Of Being Called A Rajput Now!
Padmaavat Row: I Am Ashamed Of Being Called A Rajput Now!

Later, CBFC cleared the film after a month of struggle by the producers of the film but you guys went on to ban the film in four states (Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh) and when this did not satisfy your pride you created a fuss in a school just because a kid danced to Ghoomar song from the film. Is this ethical? At least spare the kids from your dirty politics. Why do you guys want the kids and the country to know you with a bad name and not for good?

Padmaavat ban in Rajasthan is a food for thought because it is a story of their soil and they have a say in the thing. But a thing which is bouncing over the bubble of my common sense is why every other state is standing up to support the ban? What does Gujarat or Haryana has to do with this?

This did not end here, the next step taken by you guys was after the Supreme Court removed the ban from those 4 states and that was to burn down a theater in Bihar. Are you above the law and order of the country? As this did not go down well with you people you want Janta Curfew? We all live in a democratic country and not a dictatorship country, don’t you think so?

Putting statements like we will bury Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Deepika Padukone if the film released do you think you are real Rajputs? Rajputs were the rulers not dictators like Hitler. I agree that Rani Padmavati is goddess but revolting like this will help in any way?

After your allegations against the film, CBFC, the producer and director took the necessary steps to bring the changes which do not harm the sentiments of are caste then why is this havoc still continuing?

Let the film release and then give a verdict to the film, do not decide the destination of the film without watching it. Let the country and its people decide the destiny of the film and not you.

Make our caste proud with your deeds and not ashamed as you represent the rules of the country (RAJPUTS) who grew to fame amongst the people due to their code of conduct and royalty.

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