Ekta Kapoor
Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor always manages to stay in the limelight. This time though, it’s for the wrong reasons. Advocate Rizwan Siddique had lodged a complaint against Ekta’s Balaji Motion Pictures on the grounds of non-payment of his dues. Rizwan had worked on certain agreements for the superhit movie Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai, which was produced under Ekta’s production banner.


The payment was thought to be of 30,000 INR. According to a leading newspaper, Rizwan stated that he was on a vacation when the plea for help came from Ekta’s production house. He delivered his work on an urgent basis and yet even after sending several reminders on his payment, he never got any reply. On the contrary, Balaji staff had spoken in a disrespectful manner and refused to pay the dues.

After sending several notices, all of which were unanswered, the lawyer sent a summons through the court. At that time, Ekta’s lawyers sent a reply stating that the payment wasn’t made owing to a lapse in overseeing the invoice. The lawyer firm Naik Naik and Co, which handles Balaji’s legal affairs, had stated back in August that their client had no intention of not paying the dues and as the matter has been brought to their client’s notice, the payment will be made.

However, the payment still remains to be cleared and Rizwan is furious owing to the same. The case has again resurfaced after a long while as Ekta has moved to the High Court for liquidating the case. High Court obliged and brought a stay on the current proceedings. 31st October has been chosen as the date for the next hearing.

Rizwan though, remains understandably frustrated. According to him, when even after several requests the payment wasn’t made, Balaji Motion Pictures only tried to even things out as Court had issued a summons. He has asserted that he will not be accepting any sort of payment now. Looks like the matter will be long in the spotlight for the next few months.




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