Thanks to the chat stalwarts like the veteran actress Simi Garewal and the Gen-Next star maker Karan Johar, the chat shows have started getting to be in a league of its own. The recent one to join the ‘chat-gang’ is none other than the stunning Neha Dhupia. What sets apart her chat show is the fact that, she chose radio as a medium rather than television. Buoyed by the success of her first audio chat show ‘No Filter Neha’, Neha Dhupia is presently hosting the second season of the extremely popular show.


After having interviewed many celebs on the show, Neha Dhupia recently got Parineeti Chopra as the guest. Presenting the excerpts from the show:

Parineeti’s most favorite thing in the world is…..
Parineeti Chopra: Pizza is the way of living life. Pizza is life. There’s no life without pizza. I can say all versions of this sentence but basically, pizza is the most favorite thing of mine in the world! It is basically bread and cheese and chili for me and I can literally live, like Monica, I can live in a house of cheese.

Presenting… The STUNNING Parineeti Chopra As You Have Never Known Her Before!
No Filter Neha Season 2: Parineeti Chopra As You Have Never Known Her Before!

The one actor Parineeti Chopra is obsessed with?
I used to collect these chips packets on which Saif had a picture and I was obsessed with him. And every time I meet him and even when I’ve met Bebo, I only talk about how I’m obsessed with Saif. I used to neatly stack them up and lock them in my steel cupboard I remember we used to have. And till today, those packets are very much there!

Does Parineeti Chopra calls Arjun Kapoor arrogant and wants him to call her Mam?
Parineeti Chopra: I call him arrogant. He’s not arrogant but he’s one of those, dead expression, dry humour kind of guy. I’m always like – why you so arrogant to me, talk properly to me, call me mam!

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Did you know about Parineeti’s rendezvous with alcohol?
Parineeti Chopra: It was the end of ‘Dream Team’ and Alia and Aditya and Varun and me, everybody was partying. Sid and Katrina had already left. So four of us we went to this club and everybody was like today Pari has to drink and I’m like no guys, I don’t drink alcohol so it’s not going to happen. This is like 10 months ago. They were like no, no, you have to drink. A couple of my other friends and Alia and Aditya and everybody they all said okay, we’re all going to do Jager bombs and they made one jäger bomb for me and I said okay cool I’ll have it. I hate the taste of it, I hate the smell but I’ll do it and I had it and 15 mins later they were like – anything?! I was like no, nothing, I’m fine. Like, see, there’s no point of alcohol in life and lalala. And they were like you gotta do another one and they gave me a second one. Neha, I have danced till 6am the next day, I have gone down to the lobby and hugged everyone, I’ve given so much love and the next day I’ve woken up like WOW, that was so much fun! I want to do this again. And there started my alcohol lifestyle.

OMG! Did Parineeti Chopra just confess about being jealous of Ayushmann Khurana?
Parineeti Chopra: When I met Ayushmann for the first time, I was very jealous that he had already sung a song. It wasn’t like I was ready to record but I was like why are others singing, I should be the one singing! I’ve trained in music and I’ve sung all my life and I always thought it would be something I would do on the side. And it happened really late but I’m really glad the way it happened.

Is it true that Parineeti Chopra chased guys and not the other way around?
Parineeti Chopra: I’m not a person who dates. I’m the kind of person who gets into something long term. It’s usually me chasing the guy, you know. I’ve gotten into two long term relationships. It’s always been with the intent to marry the guy and they have not worked out, obviously. I don’t have one-night stands, I don’t have flings, I don’t date.

When Parineeti Chopra’s father beat up guys with hockey sticks!
Parineeti Chopra: You know I come from a city called Ambala. Ambala is that city where anything can happen and purely because of safety, my dad used to carry a hockey stick in his hand. I must tell you that it has been used many times! Guys in Ambala are those Dil Khol, Dil Phenkh boys who will say anything they want and sometimes it borderlines on Eve teasing and obviously to my army dad that’s absolutely unacceptable so whenever I would come home and say – that boy did this, that boy said that he would get out of the house there and then with the hockey stick and beat him up and come back.

How many of you know that Parineeti Chopra used to work at Manchester United and wasn’t star struck ever!
Parineeti Chopra: For all those who don’t know, I used to work in Manchester United, in the stadium, at Old Trafford for three years. It was a part time job and I used to lead the catering team. But I must tell you – until today I have no interest in football. I never had a fan moment.





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