Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan, the grandchild of legendary actor-filmmaker Raj Kapoor, says nepotism does not exist in the Indian film industry.


The actress was present at The India Today Conclave 2018 along with her sister Karishma Kapoor on Saturday. In a conversation with journalist Rajdeep Sardesai, she was asked if nepotism exists in the film industry.

Kareena replied: “There are so many superstars from yesteryears and not all of their children are a superstar. If nepotism exists, they would have been a big star by now.”

Nepotism does not exist, says Kareena
Nepotism does not exist, says Kareena

“The fact that Ranveer Singh has become the new superstar of Bollywood who does not come from a film family proves the fact that they become superstar out of their sheer talent and hard work. Nepotism does not exist,” she said.


“I think it is about the talent that takes you where you go. When you are on-screen, anybody can make or break you; anyone can make a judgment on you irrespective of you are a daughter or grandchildren of someone,” said Karishma.

“And for a youngster who has a huge family and legacy behind, is much tough to make a mark,” she added.

While they were countered by Sardesai that “but Kangana (Ranaut, actress) said otherwise”, Karishma said: “People can have their opinion and we should respect each opinion.”




  1. She is a product of Nepotism. However for success you also need a good PR team, Good selection of movies, best director, perfect timing and hardwork with zero tantrums n airs.

  2. Ranveer Singh had admitted that bollywood runs on nepotism, this despite that he’s Anil Kapoor’s nephew.

    Someone sporting both Kapoor and Khan in their name is the right person to negate nepotism. Madam got a break and continued to work despite flops only because of that last name…or may be it is due to her blinding talent in movies such as Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai and Asoka.


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