Salman Khan becoming the goodwill ambassador of India at the Rio Olympics 2016 has stirred up a controversy. Comments are being hurled from both sides by possibly everyone. While some are in support of his appointment, there are also many sportsperson who have found this decision surprising.


Social media was flooded with memes on the issue and one of the perfect ones amongst those was the Amul cartoon. It featured a caricature of Olympians and captioned as, ‘Athletes want samman not Salman?’

The word play is smart enough to catch people’s attention.

Check out the meme here:

Nailed It: Amul's Clever Take On Salman's Olympic Controversy
Nailed It: Amul’s Clever Take On Salman’s Olympic Controversy

Salman’s father Salim Khan and even Aishwarya have shown their support to the actor. Let’s see how this controversy pans out.

Meanwhile, let us know your views on this meme.



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