Music is his soul. He is none other than the iconic music composer, singer, music producer, Somesh Mathur, who has mastered the art of musical compositions of different genres – ranging from Sufi and devotional music, ghazals to modern-day pop and jazz.

Post his training in classical music, the maestro has done novel experimentations with Western music – a fusion of Indian classical with Western melody. An ardent believer of a frontier-less character of melody that wafts through the air far and wide irrespective of geographical boundaries; Somesh Mathur had mesmerized the audience at the tender age of four – when children fiddle with toys and chocolates, with his soul-stirring presentation of ‘Chota Khayal’ in Raag Durga.

Music legend Somesh Mathur Creates a New Global Music Genre, called "Bharat"
Music Legend Somesh Mathur Creates A New Global Music Genre, Bharat!


Music runs in his blood as both his father and mother – Pandit Sarvesh Chandra Mathur and Vidushi Smt. Sudha Mathur, are music exponents. At age 19 years, Somesh Mathur charmed his way into the heart of audiences through his live musical concerts. Thereafter, there was no looking back for the genius as he fearlessly sauntered on the thorny path to attain excellence in the world of melody. The artist has 16 albums to his credit till date; the first one – ‘Ek Nayi Baat’, which got released in 1988. At 22, he first visited the US. Thereafter foreign musical concert tours have become a part of his life. His album with Tinsel Town melody queen / living legend – Asha Bhosle, won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Alvum.


Taking a dig at modern-day music, the maestro says that everything is now digitized and the melody is virtually playing the second fiddle to music production. However, even now there are many music composers who refrain from only programmed songs emanating from techno-operated keyboards. And if the budget allows them they go in for live musicians even today.

When asked about the Western audience’s understanding of music, he said that people in the West are not judgmental; They come with an open mind to watch concerts, irrespective of what kind of music will play there. Contrary to this Indians come with preconceived expectations about a particular music / concert.

Somesh Mathur is inching closer to his mission that is closest to his heart – A New Global Music Genre. His sole ambition is to popularize Indian folk and classical music throughout the globe; which is orchestrated through presenting Indian artistes as a global brand. “English lyrics sung upon a classical Raga based melody with American Music Production, and sung by the likes of a Shakira” – he states.

“We would like to see the West and the entire Globe embracing our music and culture,” emphasis the Maestro with a patriotic sentiment.

He is looking forward to musicians, singers and composers to congregate under the SWEET BEATS umbrella in order to establish the music in the global arena.

Besides this, Somesh Mathur has created music on socially relevant issues, such as girl-child, caste system, farmers’ cause, holy cow, women empowerment, etc..



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