Medium Multiplex chain owners spoke to Shah Rukh Khan on a conference call this evening (February 11) around 5 p.m. to brief him on the latest on the My Name Is Khan release front.The superstar is abroad for the premiere shows of the film of which not only is he the hero but also a co-producer (with Karan Johar).

The multiplex wallah’s expressed their inability to release the film in the face of threats from Shiv Sena and despite police protection.They requested the superstar to settle the issue with Sena supremo Bal Thackeray, without which they added, they weren’t ready to risk screening the Rs. 900 million film.

On his part, Shah Rukh is reported to have stood his ground as far as apologizing to Thackeray was concerned.He still maintains that he was prepared to meet Thackeray after the release of the film but would not apologise to the politician.Meanwhile, efforts are on in political circles as well as from Shah Rukh’s side to diffuse the matter so that the film can have an unhindered release in Bombay and Maharashtra as in the rest of the country tomorrow.

If a settlement does not happen in the next 12 hours, it doesn’t seem likely that the people of Maharashtra would get to watch one of the most eagerly awaited films of recent times any time this weekend.But fingers are crossed in the industry. A settlement tonight is not ruled out.

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