OG Shaktimaan Mukesh Khanna Shares An Update About The Film & Reveals: "Ye Bohot Bade Level Ki Film Hai..."
Mukesh Khanna Gives An Update About The Shaktimaan Film & Reveals It Is Being Delayed But Getting Made On A Big Scale(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Shaktimaan was one of the Indian superheroes who has been with us since our childhood. Ever since it was launched on Doordarshan in 1997, it aired for eight years. It was Mukesh Khanna, who had played Shaktimaan, came up with the idea and conceptualised it after watching his kids enjoying superhero shows on television. However, there have been rumours about the show being turned into a massive movie, and now Mukesh has shared a few updates about the same.

Even though it has been in talks, there has been no official announcement regarding who will play the titular role or who will be directing it. As per gossip mills, Ranveer Singh was speculated to play Shaktimaan, whereas Minnal Murali director Basil Joseph was directing it. Now, Mukesh revealed that the film has been delayed a bit, but there’s a positive aspect to it as well. Keep scrolling to get the scoop.



Recently, the OG Shaktimaan Mukesh Khanna opened up about a few details of the film on his channel Bheeshm International and said, “Contract has been signed. Ye bohot bade level ki film hai. One film would cost Rs 200-300 crore, and it will be made by Sony Pictures, the one who made Spider-Man. But it kept getting delayed, first there was the pandemic, I had announced it on my channel too that the film is happening, but…”

“I recently told someone that this is not a small film, it is a massive film and that takes time. A lot of things are happening, but I am not allowed to talk. The big question is, will I be Shaktimaan? Who will play it? I can’t reveal. But it is a commercial film, so it involves a lot of commercial talks. But main rahuga, mere bagair toh Shaktimaan nahi ban sakti ye sabko pata hai”, he further added.

Further explaining, Mukesh Khanna stated, “What I can say is I am not supposed to do any appearance in Shaktimaan’s get-up now. I have to stop because they don’t want any comparison. But the film is coming, very soon there will be a final announcement, where you will know who will be in it, who will direct it. It is being made on an international level, as it deserves to be.”

Sony Pictures dropped a teaser video last year announcing Shaktimaan film is in the works. It was also stated that they had got the right to reimagine the movie as a Superhero trilogy. Well, are you excited?

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