She could well have been relegated to the backseat as one of those countless debutants who arrive with a dream to the world of glamour and then return disappointed after their first break doesn’t work. However Simran Kaur Mundi is refusing to let things push her long term career plans in Bollywood. Even though her debut flick ‘Jo Hum Chahein’ didn’t do well at the box office late last year and she was heartbroken for sure, it didn’t result in her showing her back to the industry.

Miss India Universe Simran Kaur Mundi
Miss India Universe Simran Kaur Mundi

“What I like most is the fact that everyone said I didn’t seem like a fresh actor. Even after winning Miss India, I was a little dicey about doing films but took my chance. Now that I have taken the plunge, there won’t be any turning away”, says Simran who is continuing to work on herself and getting into her fittest shape while getting ready to hit the stage all over again.

While her second film may not be too far away, the interest level shown in Simran has made the girl further aggressive about her film career. Though she had started in a solo heroine film, she doesn’t mind getting into a multistarrer zone as well as long as the setup seems interesting.

“I don’t mind a multistarrer as long as the credibility of the overall setup is good”, says Simran who could well have taken cue from the likes of ‘Housefull 2‘ which has benefited everyone involved with it, “There has to be something interesting in it for me to consent to such a film. Reason being that such films can sometimes get a little tricky so one has to be careful.”

Given the fact that many other newcomers in the industry have taken to multistarrers in order to stay in circulation and then strike hard when a good solo project comes calling, even Simran isn’t closing her options. While there are a couple of offers that she is currently juggling with, an official announcement isn’t quite far away either.

We would say girl, bring it on!

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