It seems like hard times are not going to end anytime soon for music composer Anu Malik. Earlier singers Sona Mohapatra and Shweta Pandit alleged composer for sexual harassment and misconduct amidst #MeToo campaign. For clarification, Malik’s lawyer issued a statement on Thursday and stated the allegations as false and baseless. Now as per the latest reports, two more survivors have opened about their ordeal with Anu Malik.


While talking to Mid-Day, two women narrated their incident. First singer and then-aspiring singer recalled the meet with Malik in 1990 at Mehboob studios, when he was recording a song. She stated that in the brief meeting, the music composer had rubbed his body against me and offered a meek apology when she appeared shaken by his advances.

However, things got worse, when she started working as a coordinator with Malik for a fundraiser. She went to meet him at his residence with her friend. Anu introduced her to his wife and his daughter. A few days later, he called her to his house for another meeting and this time the survivor went alone.

#MeToo: Two More Survivors Accusses Anu Malik
#MeToo: “He Lifted My Skirt & Dropped His Pants,” Two More Women Expose Anu Malik

She stated that, “My friend and I went to Neha Apartments [Malik’s house] in Juhu, upon Anu Malik’s request to discuss the fundraiser. He introduced us to his wife and Anmol, who was around eight months old. A few days later, he called me over to his house again for another meeting. Since my friend was not in the city, I went alone. After we had an informal chat in his music room, he moved the conversation to the lounge. Once there, he sat next to me on the sofa. I realised I was trapped as his family was not at home. He then lifted my skirt and dropped his pants. I thought of pushing him and rushing out the door, but he was too strong for me. Luckily, the doorbell rang at that moment”.


“Irritated, he told me to stay put and went to answer the door. In the seconds that he dealt with the delivery boy, I tried to leave. But he caught hold of me in the narrow passage. He apologised stating that he was a ‘passionate’ guy, and offered to drop me at my residence. He also dissuaded me from telling anyone, saying that no one would believe me as he was Anu Malik and I was a nobody. He also threatened to ‘know people’ if I went to the police station,” she further added.

Another creepy moment took place when Malik offered her to drop at her residence. “He simply unzipped his pants and asked me to lick him! I told him no and urged him to let me go, but he pulled me by my hair and stuffed my face in his lap, hurling abuses as he did so. Thankfully, a security guard tapped on the window at that moment”, as reported in Mid-Day.

Another survivor who is an aspiring singer was approached to participate in Indian Idol 10 which is being judged by Anu Malik, Vishal Dadlani and Neha Kakkar. She was offered to join the show as a wild card entry. She says that she refused as Anu Malik was one of the judges and he had sexually harassed her seven years ago.

As per her, She had met Anu Malik as a struggler and during their second meeting at Sahara Studios in Goregaon he asked her if she had a boyfriend. When she said no, he said that then you must be so lonely. He then asked her to wear a chiffon saree the next time they meet. When she tried to leave, he grabbed her and hugged her while running his hands over her body. They were in a sound proof recording studio hence she could not even scream. She pushed him away which is when he said that “I am happy with my wife, I am a sensitive man.”

While no one expected Anu Malik to possess such indecent behaviour, let’s see how he responds.




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