Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar has decided to conduct auditions for his next film from the recently-launched website, Advertising guru Preet Bedi and


Sunil Shetty have jointly started this talent search website which seeks to make new talent easily available to film producers and directors. (AMB) will regularly announce new casting opportunities in films, TV shows and other entertainment platforms. An interested actor will have to film himself/herself participating in the screen test or audition, and upload the shot video on after paying the application fee. This video will be seen by AMB’s panel of judges and the shortlisted auditions/screen tests will then be shared with the producer/director looking for new talent. The new talents will receive their evaluations in the form of AMB talent scores. They can also view all other auditions submitted for the particular role. The film’s producer/director will then make his final selection of the candidate most suited for the role.

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