Kriti Sanon
Kriti Sanon

The pretty actress of last year’s hit movie Heropanti is all set to celebrate her first Holi in Bollywood this year. Kriti Sanon shares her Holi plans with us.

You Best Childhood Memory:
I used to celebrate Holi every year with my sister Nupur and all our friends in our colony’s central park. Once we found a broken bath tub on a terrace and filled it up with color, water and mud and then each person was thrown in turn by turn. We ate pakodas and had thandai and danced on various holi songs!


Your Holi Plans This Year:
This year I will be celebrating Holi with my family.

Your Favourite Food To Eat On Holi:
My favourite delicacy for Holi is Gujiya. My mom makes the best Gujiyas and I can’t wait for Holi to eat the Gujiyas.

Your Hair & Skin Care Regime During Holi:
I ensure to oil my hair with coconut based hair oil. It takes care of my hair and protects it from the damage of the harsh holi colours. Additionally, I prefer tying up my hair while playing Holi. Open hair tends to tangle and damage ones hair even more. You can don a fashionable side braid or a side ponytail too. I also try and moisturize my skin with coconut oil before stepping out to play Holi. By doing so the colour doesn’t seep into my skin and it is easier to take off the color after playing Holi.

Your Favourite Holi Song:
Rang Barse, the universal Holi anthem is my favourite.

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