Heropanti Movie Poster
Heropanti Movie Poster

Rating: 1.5/5 Stars (One and half stars)

Star cast: Tiger Shroff, Kriti Sanon, Prakash Raj, Sandeepa Dhar

Director: Sabbir Khan

What’s Good: Kriti Sanon is surprisingly quite a show stealer in a film that is below mediocre.

What’s Bad: Tiger Shroff’s dialogue delivery, Prakash Raj’s hammy over the top melodramatic acting is plain distasteful. The absence of screenplay quite adds on to the film’s negatives. But the worst of the minuses has to be Tiger Shroff himself. Jackie Dada’s cub is a sheer disappointment.

Loo break: So many that I lost the count. Take your liberty on this one. Believe me there is nothing worth missing.

Watch or Not?:  Heropanti doesn’t quite offer you a valid reason to watch it. The acting department is terrible. If you are expecting great action moves, you’ll be left disappointed as the trailer had shown them all. If a few action moves were missed, watch the dance pieces of the Shroff cub. The dance and the fights are done in the same breath almost. I agree, Kriti Sanon tried to light up the screen with her ravishing presence but with the story that doomed, there’s barely anything left to save. By the time the film’s last credits rolled down, I realized the movie was just my ‘Bura Waqt’ – Jo sabka aata nahin and hamara jaata nahin!

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The story is set in Jattland where the local don Chaudhary (Prakash Raj) is having a pompous wedding for his elder daughter Renu (Sandeepa Dhar). On the night of the wedding Renu elopes with her boyfriend Rakesh, resulting in a frantic search for her across the village. The goons gauge that Rakesh’s friends might have helped him in it and they are promptly picked up by them.

After a massive search, the goons manage to find Bablu (Tiger) who is the real one helping Rakesh and Renu. Tiger, meanwhile in captivity, tells his friends about his love interest. As luck would have it, the love interest is none other than Chaudhury’s younger daughter Dimpy (Kriti Sanon).

Not only is this film about how Dimpy and Tiger’s love story end up in the iconic Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge style but also about altering the moral stands of the men of Jattland who look upon women as cattle.

Kriti Sanon and Tiger Shroff in a still from movie 'Heropanti'
Kriti Sanon and Tiger Shroff in a still from movie ‘Heropanti’

Heropanti Review: Script Analysis

I have my doubts over whether there is at all a script left to analyze in the film. With such shameless confidence, the filmmaker has relied solely on Kriti’s looks to create romance and Tiger’s prior karate experience for the stunts. If you suck out either of the two, you’ll be left with an actor who cannot act in a story that doesn’t seem to have a point. Based in Jattland, a certain popular goon’s daughter elopes with her boyfriend. The mighty goon employs his men and finds the boyfriend’s best friends and take them in custody. Though failing to squeeze out any information from all three, erm, four actually, the boys are kept locked up in their homes.

If you begin to dissect the plotline, a really slim plot emerges which carries no validation to it. Tiger and Kriti’s love story doesn’t really have good moments. The film’s tonality is more or less flat. The description of Jattland and its men quite play out the usual misogynistic stereotypes focusing on how women have zero respect in the lands. True probably, but the film misses out on the convincing bit when an otherwise hapless father who on one night is sinking in melancholy and drinking away to glory, breaking down over his daughter’s condition seemed pretty cool with the idea of the same daughter being shot in the dead. Something doesn’t quite add up here!

The love track between the lead pair could have easily passed off on the Dedh Ishqiya lines, given Tiger’s effeminate mannerisms but the guy’s sincerity in it all is quite winsome. I will be the first to buy a ticket for the next Tiger Shroff movie only for his sleek action which wasn’t quite given to us to our heart’s satisfaction, but it would be a roller coster affair if one film could bring together Akshay Kumar, Vidyut Jamwal and Tiger. One kickass affair that would be!

Heropanti Review: Star Performances

I did try my best to like Tiger Shroff in the film. And despite slogging myself through a rubbish film for over two hours, I unfortunately did not succeed. His acting skills are zero and he has none of his father’s better qualities. But when it comes to action, this guy is a star. If there ever is a Bollywood film with zero dialogues and just action pieces strewn together, the best bet for casting will be Tiger. However, for now, he is anything but memorable and not easy to miss in his own film for not quite the right reasons.

Kriti Sanon, however, might need a little brushing up on her acting skills but the girl is quite a star in her demeanor. She kind of reminded me of a younger Deepika Padukone, lost in her first movie but quite conveys the idea that she will have her own share of good run in the industry someday.

Prakash Raj, however, topples all his previous worst performances by coming up with something far worse than Rajjo. I even noticed a hint of pedophile behavior in him when he gently places Tiger’s hand on his thigh and then he further goes on to graze his own chest funnily after a drunken outburst! His bawling is hell funny and probably the film’s sole comic relief.

Heropanti Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

The film’s director must be enrolled into a film school. Probably all the critics in India who had the sheer misfortune of watching this film even extend their contributions in funding a film that dismal. Sabbir Khan doesn’t give you anything you might enjoy. Even Tiger’s action pieces were chopped off and given to us limited. What is bad is given out judiciously but what is good is served in small portions in this film.

With zero screenplay, abrupt editing and a disturbing background score, I would say that Sabbir’s knowledge and understanding of films is highly questionable. The film’s songs might ring a bell with the audiences but isn’t quite up to my taste. It isn’t very difficult to conjure up the regular ingredients and make a masala fare (Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar have been surviving solely on that for years) but Sabbir’s convoluted slim plot and the inability to understand what audiences want quite destroys this film which could have been watchable.

Heropanti Review: The Last Word

Heropanti makes no fuss about being a bad film. Unapologetical about being a dismal and shabby affair, Heropanti serves only two purposes: Giving Bollywood an heir to Akshay Kumar who kick boxes like a star despite having Kareena Kapoor’s cutesy face and an actress who has a lot of latent potential along with her resplendent looks, waiting to be used in the right project.

Lamentably, the film allows no bandwidth to save this Tiger. I am going with a lenient 1.5/5 for this film. It’s way worse than what you think but then again Salman Khan’s Bodyguard was acceptable to people. Pitted against Bodyguard, Heropanti would be a blessing.

Heropanti Trailer

Heropanti releases on 23rd May, 2014.

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