Kriti Shares Video Showcasing Strong Bond With Sister Nupur Sanon
Kriti Shares Video Showcasing Strong Bond With Sister Nupur Sanon (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Actress Kriti Sanon is celebrating Raksha Bandhan with her sister Nupur Sanon and has shared a video talking about how much they have bickered and argued, though at the end, they still have a strong and unbreakable bond.

Taking to Instagram, Kriti Sanon posted a reel of her YouTube video where the two narrate their relationship, with the two sisters wishing each other a “Happy Rakhi.”

Kriti Sanon captioned: “The Sanon Sisters!! @nupursanon”

“Sistersss are the bestttt! Love you to the moon and back!”

“Happyy Rakhi!”

The two shared a montage of their relationship as Kriti Sanon says in the video: “So in the morning it was really funny, because I was like ‘Oh yay today we’re shooting together’!”

“We’re gonna post some Instagram stories, and cut to she’s already left!”

Nupur Sanon said: “I left early, and her spot dada was ‘Aap itne jaldi jaa rahe ho? Kyun?’ So I said ‘Mujhe time se pohachana hai’”

So they travelled in separate cars for the shoot, with ultimately Nupur revealing that she just planned all this because she does not like riding with her sister because she doesn’t let her listen to her Punjabi songs.

Kriti Sanon in response said: “Oof! Tantrums!”

Then, sharing snaps of her early make-up, Kriti was not really much of a fan of her Vanity, with Nupur saying that her sister wanted to actually keep her Vanity collection as she found it better.

Talking about their collective shoot, Kriti said: “You know, it’s really irritating at times, but in the end, I still like shooting with her because we also sort of break out into laughter.”

Nupur, who is gearing up for her debut, said: “I usually just listen to my sister because she’s smarter, obviously because she’s worked on so much, so she knows much more.”

Kriti Sanon & Nupur Sanon tend to frequently annoy one another on set, though in the end, they have a strong bond that cannot be doubted because even off-set the two are best friends, frequently playing pranks on one another, but they also help each other out and stand by their side when they need each other the most.

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