Abhishek Kapoor’s production has decided to part ways with Kriarj Entertainment on Abhishek’s next directorial Kedarnath. While the two houses had collaborated on the much ambitious project of Abhishek, the latter no more is a part of the film.

When probed, sources close to the director have revealed that defaults include the default in payment, bouncing of cheque and bouncing of NEFT; as importantly, also lack of transparency in their dealings. Guy In The Sky did not decide to make the contents of termination public.

However, KriArj is spreading false & mischievous rumours, playing name-slandering games and willfully harming the interests of the film. The purported allegations of KriArj are frivolous and have no basis.

Guy In The Sky Pictures states that KriArj’s actions are clearly an afterthought; and have been made only after the agreement was terminated by Guy In The Sky Pictures on account of default committed by KriArj. KriArj has no right of lien or NOC as claimed by them.

Recently an official statement from the spokesperson of KriArj Entertainment was released which stated, “Guy In The Sky Pictures is trying to wriggle out of a binding agreement. KriArj Entertainment and T-Series continue to own the film as it’s co-producers along with Balaji and also own it’s exclusive distribution rights. We are seeking legal recourse against Abhishek Kapoor and his production company for the various defaults committed by them of their commitments to both KriArj & T-Series.This includes attempts made by Guy in The Sky Pictures and Abhishek Kapoor to cheat KriArj Entertainment & T-Series after making them heavily invest in the Film. We no longer wish to make any further comments, the court proceedings will put all speculation to rest.”

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