It seems that problems are taking new twists and turns every day for the film Kedarnath. After facing several issues, now the news is coming that there’s tiff between director Abhishek Kapoor and Sushant Singh Rajput.

Earlier, during Kai Po Che, Sushant and Abhishek had gone through some ups and downs too. But even after that, the duo reunited for Kedarnath.

Now according to Asian Age, Sushant and Abhishek’s relationship was short-lived. There are reports of constant conflict between the duos. A source close to the development said, “Sushant didn’t agree with the way Gattu (Abhishek) interpreted his character. They also didn’t agree on several issues regarding the script. There were constant tussles and heated arguments between the two. Sushant’s dates were also not used properly by Abhishek. Now Sushant has left for Chambal in a huff to shoot for Abhishek Choubey’s Son Chiriya.”

Kedarnath Row: Here’s Why Sushant Singh Rajput Is Upset With Abhishek Kapoor
Kedarnath Row: Here’s Why Sushant Singh Rajput Is Upset With Abhishek Kapoor

Speaking about the fallout with KriArj entertainment and T-Series, there were several creative differences and major financial issues with the Fitoor director. Sources reveal that owing to his history and lack of professionalism, the film had no takers until KriArj Entertainment came on board to produce the film.

The new age studio, who shares a great equation with T-Series later brought them on board as well to look after other aspects like the music, digital, satellite and cable rights. However, both the studios were wary with Abhishek’s interference in their financial decisions and his constant delays in delivering the film.The film was going grossly overbudget as Kapoor’s planning was completely unprofessional and disorganized as the entire production was being handled by Kapoor’s Guy In the Sky Pictures.

Says an inside source, “KriArj Entertainment and T-Series decided to come onboard since they believed in the film and in Abhishek Kapoor’s vision. However, as Kedarnath unfolded several issues pertaining the dates of the talent, prep time and delays in the film’s delivery began cropping up. Abhishek replaced several of the crew members and technicians at the very last minute. Despite investing a huge sum of funding into the project, Kedarnath was going way overbudget owing to Gattu’s constant unreasonable demands. He not only delayed the shoot of the film by six months but also majorly interfered in the firm’s financial planning and overall business workings. Abhishek also demanded that a higher price be quoted for the music rights and this despite T-Series being music moguls and being the best in the music industry”.

Adds the source, “Deciding a film’s release date should be the producer’s call since they are the ones investing huge sums into the project. However, Abhishek interfered in that as well and went on to announce a release date on Twitter without consulting KriArj Entertainment who were against releasing the film on the same date as Zero. There were also rumors of Abhishek Kapoor not allowing KriArj to sign Sara Ali Khan for another film they were in talks for and pressurized the studio to drop the film. It came to a point where the makers refused to put up with Kapoor’s arm twisting. For now, Kedarnath is on hold until everything is clear on papers”.

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