Filmmaker Karan Johar, who became a father via surrogacy to twins named Roohi and Yash, says he doesn’t want them to grow up on film sets.

“I am not a big fan of taking my children to a place of work…They should enjoy. I don’t want them to grow up on a film set. I don’t want them to grow up with that you have to be a part of a film industry only,” Karan told reporters in a group interview on Friday.

Don't want my children to grow up on film sets: KJo
Karan Johar: “I Don’t Want My Children To Grow Up On A Film Set”


The filmmaker, 45, says he wants them to make their own decisions when they grow up.

“Let them make their own decisions in life. I will not force an atmosphere on them,” he added.


Karan, who will soon be seen in Star Plus’s show India’s Next Superstars along with director Rohit Shetty, says his life has not changed much after becoming a parent.

“The schedule of life has changed. The mornings start from two beautiful faces and ends with two beautiful faces. How am I balancing it (work and personal life) I have always done six things at one time. So for me I am doing seven things at one time now. It’s no different,” he said.

But parenthood is a huge responsibility, he says.

“Being a parent is a huge responsibility and I am so happy that im co-parenting with my mother. It’s a blessing that she’s at home with the babies everyday. It’s a beautiful feeling,” he added.

He welcomed his twins in March 2017. The daughter Roohi is a rearrangement of his mother’s name Hiroo and the son has been christened Yash on Karan’s late father’s name.



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