Kangana Ranaut's Car Gets Attacked By A Mob In Punjab, Read On!
Kangana Ranaut’s Car Gets Attacked By A Mob In Punjab ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Kangana Ranaut who is currently in Punjab has reportedly been attacked by a farmers ‘mob’. The Queen actress took to her Instagram stories and narrated the whole incident live to her fans. The mob claim that they are farmers and have been threatening Kangana to kill and abuse her. Scroll below to watch her stories.


In the stories that Kangana shared on her Instagram, she can be seen sitting in her car which is surrounded by people who have been shouting slogans at her.


Kangana Ranaut can be seen recording stories on her official Instagram handle where she is talking about how a ‘mob’ that claims to be farmers have surrounded her car and are threatening to kill the actress and have been abusing her too.

Sharing it on her Instagram story, Kangana Ranaut wrote, “As I entered Punjab a mob has attacked my car…they are saying they are farmers.”

In yet another story, the actress wrote, “Shocking behaviour by some antisocial elements.”

Take a look at her stories here:

A few minutes later, Kangana Ranaut uploaded stories where she can be seen talking to women and holding their hands while they were praising her. She captioned her story, “Love conquers all… everyone warned me against talking to them but I did (heart emojis).”


Kangana then put out a new story, telling her fans that she left the place and is safe with a caption that read, “Always think from your heart”.

Yay, that’s such good news for all Kangana Ranaut fans and we are glad that she met the people there and talked it out.

What are your thoughts on the actress being mobbed by fans? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. You’re the only news outfit that said she was attacked. What is your agenda? This is not journalism. Its a hatchet job.


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