Kangana Ranaut " We must regain our lost glory, Let's start with the name Bharat"
Kangana Ranaut ” We must regain our lost glory, Let’s start with the name Bharat” ( Photo Credit – Instagram  )

Kangana Ranaut has been quite vocal about her stand against anything that is against her core understanding of India. The actor has yet again taken to Instagram to discuss another issue and now wants people to address the country as Bharat and not India.


Kangana Ranaut mentioned on her insta story, “British gave us slave name India… which literally means east of Indus River. Really would you call a child small nose or second born or worse C section. What kind of a name is this? So rudimentary. Let me tell you meaning of Bharat.

It’s made of three Sanskrit words BH (bhav), Ra (rag), ta (tal). Yes that’s who we were before we were enslaved, most culturally and aesthetically evolved civilisation. Every name has a vibration and British knew this they not only gave new names to places but even to people and important monuments. We must regain our lost glory, let’s start with the name Bharat,” Kangana Ranaut added.

Kangana Ranaut " We must regain our lost glory, Let's start with the name Bharat"


Sometime back  Kangana Ranaut has shared a message, saying that Instagram is just not cutting it for her anymore. Kangana asked ‘anti national’ liberals to join the Koo app.

Talking about how Instagram is not the place for debates, Kangana Ranaut said in a note on her Instagram Stories, “This place has no scope for any conversations and exchange of ideas, I am not interested in your clothes and skin I want to see deeper I want to see your mind and intellect, yes it is useful for influencers and home grown businesses and I am happy for them but anti national librus are my jam…. I am born to demolish them I miss them here I am sure they are also missing me because they love bdsm secretly they had started to love all the whipping and sweet torture I gave them …. Come to Koo my loves I miss you all.”

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