Shahid Kapoor landed up in a better space post R…Rajkumar and it is quite stark that his next film is Haider. The genres don’t quite add up. Yet, Shahid confidently shuffles around. However, box office isn’t necessarily restricted to a certain kind of content. Calling Haider a niche film, assuming it will cater to a few is incorrect he opines. The actor said the most off beat film of his career was also his most commercially successful film.


Kapoor, in an interview to Koimoi said, “People said Kaminey was the most non commercial thing I had done in my life. It made more money than any of the other films I had done in my career. I don’t go by any of these closed thoughts. A lot of films in the last 5 years which when they were getting made, all the old school people laughed at and said ‘Arey, aisa thodi hota hai. Hindi picture hai, audience ko yeh nahin jamta hai.’ And then it has done 100 crores.”

Shahid Kapoor in a Still from movie 'Haider'
Shahid Kapoor in a Still from movie ‘Haider’

He continued convincingly with, “Films like Lagaan, Rang De Basanti, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Kahaani, Barfi even Munnabhai, there are innumerable examples. They think you need to have big dialogues and item songs for a hit film. It is largely old school talk. I have been here for 11 years, I have heard it a lot. It uses to be the reality a few years back, it is not the reality anymore. There is not one reality. I am not saying that doesn’t work. That also works. But there are too many options now. People have the chance of doing what indeed makes them happy. So at different times in your career, you want to indulge in different things. It takes time to get comfort to jump around in different genres. It takes a lot of time to feel you are ready for that. You should never do things because other people are doing it, otherwise it will make you look stupid. I was ready for Rajkumar and hence it worked. People could have been laughing at the theaters because I am not 6’3 and well built to fight 50 guys. It is the conviction with which the film was made that connects with people.”

All set to appear in Haider, the film is already touted to be his best film till date.

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  1. Shahid, I do hope Haider will be a commercially successful movie, and hope it turns out to be your biggest grosser. But one thing i want to point out to you, Kaminey though not commercial cinema, had highly commercial songs.

    Whereas songs of Haider, though high on quality, they are more like extension of the storyline. Which works at the time of watching the movie, but lacks to pull our FUN LOVING JANTA to come and watch the movie. But i sincerely hope Haider does more than the expectation you guys had while filiming it. All the best to Haider.

    I’m watching it first day no matter what happens.


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