Kalki Koechlin Reveals Being S*xually Abused At 9, Recalls Her Casting Couch Experience & Escaping It
Kalki Koechlin Talks About Casting Couch, S*xual Abuse, & Much More In Her Latest Interview (Photo Credit –Instagram)

Kalki Koechlin is a triple threat. She’s an actress par excellence, a social media activist and apart from these two, a beautiful woman inside out. Time and again, she proves why we need more such powerful women around. She has been a vocal advocate for gender equality, LGBTQ rights, and environmental protection. Her work as an artist has always been informed by her personal beliefs and her commitment to social change. The actress will next be seen in Amazon Prime web-series Made In Heaven as Faiza.

In a recent interview the Dev D actress opened up on the lack of s*x education in India and how men, are still stung with patriarchy while they are in bed. She even talked about how she was abused as a child and how people would believe, she is a drugs seller since she was white-skinned, but would immediately start calling her Akka and sister, once she started speaking in Tamil in front of them!

Kalki Koechlin has never been afraid to speak her mind. She is a vocal advocate for social justice and does not shy to use her platform to speak out and put her thoughts and opinions on any topic she feels like. Recently in an interview with The Male Feminist, while talking to Siddhaarth Aalambayan the actress opened up on how badly stuck we still are with patriarchal thoughts clawing us from being on bed to getting abused.

When she was also told that the understanding of s*x in this country comes from p*rn which might be an issue. Every p*rn clips ends with the man finishing. When have you seen the woman being asked, how did you like it? Or was that pleasurale to you. And do you like that? Kalki exclaims, that they ask the last question unless it’s a lesbian p*rn.

Talking about how men have not changed in society at all Kalki Koechlin said, “I saw it (patriarchy) from very young because I was always asked for drugs. Because I was the only white girl in my group, it was like that loose morals, white girl phenomenon. They see Baywatch and think that every white girl must be like that. Just like forwardness. And then the minute I would answer back in Tamil, they would be like ‘Akka, sister’, you know. Suddenly their perspective of you changes just because you speak in their language.”

The Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani actress even talked about he she was hounded by a film director and she had to experience casting couch in her career. She narrated, “There was a film I did an audition for and I really liked and they called me back and said that you just need to meet the producer. So, I met the producer in his office with the blinds down and he said, ‘So, you know this is going to be your big opportunity. You are going to make it with this and I would really like to know you better. Can we go for dinner?’ I got the drift of it and said that ‘Listen, it’s not for me. I am not into that’.”

In the same interview, Kalki Koechlin even talked about getting abused and shared the traumatic experience, “It was a situation, I was 9 years old and this person worked for us and he was only 16, so he himself was underage. I think it took me a long time to even say it was abuse, because at that time it was, let’s do it what we saw in the movie, like we saw kissing in the movie, you know so it was just like fun and games, and then you understand years later, what was happening and and there was no consent and you are just being taken advantage of by someone older who understands what’s going on better than you and my biggest fear was actually getting into trouble with my parents. It took a long time to talk about it and when I did talk about it I remember my mom telling me she had a similar experience when she was young. I some way after 60 years, she is able to get it out of her system. So that’s why when people ask why I talk about it at all when it’s so much later, I say you know you never know who needs to hear from what.”

You can see the interview shared by the Youtube channel Hautterfly here.

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