Filmmaker Sujoy Ghosh is directing a haunted house series titled Typewriter for the digital giant Netflix.

Simran Sethi, Creative Executive India for Netflix, said this on Friday at the digital giant’s See What’s Next: Asia.

Sujoy Ghosh directs web series 'Typewriter' for Netflix
Kahaani Director Sujoy Ghosh To Soon Come Up With A Haunted Web Series On Netflix!

Sethi said that the series is being shot in Goa.

She said: “Typewriter is by captivating director Sujoy Ghosh. He mentioned his idea to us and we knew that it was a Netflix series.”

She added that the series follows a group of wannabe ghost hunters, who want to capture an evil spirit in a villa in their neighbourhood.

Other details are still under wraps.

Ghosh is known for movies like Kahaani, TE3N. He has also worked on digital platform with the short film Ahalya.

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