Jiah Khan BBC Documentary Death In Bollywood Now Released In The UK!
Death In Bollywood: BBC Releases 3-Episode Documentary On Jiah Khan Death Case!(Pic credit – Sooraj Pancholi/ Instagram; wikipedia )

An unexpected development has happened in the Jiah Khan death case. BBC has released a 3-episode documentary titled, Death In Bollywood. It focuses on the late actress’s death, the incidents that led to it along with the aftermath. Mother Rabia Khan, as well as, boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi has been mentioned in it. Read on for all the details.

As most of us know, Jiah passed away on 3rd June 2013. She was found hanging at her Juhu apartment. It was later revealed that the young actress was pregnant with Sooraj’s baby. While police ruled it a suicide, Rabia charged the Hero actor with abetment to suicide.

Now, the British family of Jiah Khan feels that the case has not found the truth yet. In fact, the late actress’ mother had hired a private forensic investigator, Jason Payne James, who also speculates that the case was not suicide. Jason claims that the distinctive oval mark found on the neck could not really be caused by a dupatta.

Owing to the same, BBC has released a 3-episode documentary involving all the happenings and facts. Many reviews of the first episode of Death In Bollywood are surfacing online. It is being said that the episode is highly sensitive and emotional. Everything including the 6-page suicide letter to Sooraj Pancholi’s initial arrest and eventual sentencing has been shown.

For those wanting to watch it right away, if you are a user from the UK, you can watch it here. For the rest of the world, Death In Bollywood is not available due to rights issues. So, all we can rely upon are the reviews viral all around.

Death In Bollywood released last night at 9 PM. Ever since, the international media is flooded with reports around who Jiah Khan really was, how mother Rabia Khan struggled and similar details. From The Sun to Radio Times and The Telegraph, reputed websites have been covering the viral episode.

Previously, BBC had shared a documentary on the Nirbhaya Rape case and we all know the aftermath of it.

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