Javed Akhtar Gets Slammed By Pakistani Netizens Over His Statement 'Urdu Belongs To Hindustan'; Read On
Javed Akhtar Gets Slammed By Pakistani Netizens Over His Statement ‘Urdu Belongs To Hindustan'(Photo Credit –Still From Show)

Famous screenwriter and poet Javed Akhtar is well known for his works in Bollywood. He recently emphasised the importance of the Urdu language and Punjab’s role in its growth at an event launching an Urdu poetry album with actor-wife Shabana Azmi.

The veteran lyricist and writer spoke about the poems in Punjab’s nearly extinct ‘Urdu’ language and praised Dr Satinder Sartaaj for keeping it alive. However, his statement about ‘Urdu belongs to Hindustan, not Pakistan or Egypt’ is getting strong reactions from Pakistan.

As reported by ANI, Javed Akhtar said, “Urdu hasn’t come from any other place…it is our own language. It isn’t spoken outside Hindustan…Pakistan also came into existence after partition from India, earlier it was a part of India only. So, the language isn’t spoken outside Hindustan…”

“Punjab has a big contribution towards Urdu and it is the language of India! But why did you leave this language? Because of partition? Because of Pakistan? Urdu should be given attention. Earlier it was only Hindustan – Pakistan later separated from Hindustan. Now Pakistan said that Kashmir is ours…will you believe that? I think ‘No’! Likewise, Urdu is a Hindustan(i) language and it remains (so). Nowadays, new generation youths speak less Urdu and Hindi in our country. Today more focus is on English. We must speak in Hindi because it’s our national language,” the veteran screenwriter said.

Netizens in Pakistan slammed Javed Akhtar for ‘giving problematic statements’ against Pakistan. A user wrote, “Javed Akhtar says Urdu belongs to India not Pakistan… it is not spoken outside Hindustan…!! Knowingly Urdu is Pakistan’s national language. What is this new mantak (logic) by Javed Akhtar?”

Another user also tweeted, “There seems to be no stopping for Indian lyricist Javed Akhtar, when it comes to giving problematic statements regarding Pakistan, its culture, and its people.”

In a speech given last month at a literary festival in Pakistan, Javed claimed that it is unfair to ask Indians to disregard the fact that the attackers who carried out the 26/11 assaults in Mumbai are free to live their lives as they like. He said this because Indians are living in India and have witnessed the horrors of those atrocities. Celebrities from Pakistan criticised his remarks, while others from India, such star Kangana Ranaut, praised him.

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