Lyricist Prashant Ingole, known for his work in hit films like Bajirao Mastani and Mary Kom, says he is “hurt and disheartened” as the makers of Jalebi – The Everlasting Taste of Love got another lyricist to co-write a part of the forthcoming film’s song Pal.

The song released last week. But its inception happened around one and a half years ago.

“(Composers) Javed-Mohsin had approached me. It has a powerful melody. So after listening to it, I said I would love to write it. I wrote the first verse. We all were kicked about it,” Ingole told IANS.

Lyricist Prashant Ingole upset over co-writing credits for 'Pal'
Jalebi: Lyricist Prashant Ingole Is Disheartened Over Co-Writing Credits For The Song Pal

Jalebi – The Everlasting Taste of Love is presented by Vishesh Films in association with Mahesh Bhatt and produced by Mukesh Bhatt.

“Later Vishesh Films took the song. Around January or February, I was told that they were getting another lyricist on board,” said the lyricist.

Then, Kunaal Vermaa was brought in to co-write Pal.

“Ninety per cent of the song is mine. It hurts a person… when you have written such a beautiful verse, why would somebody go for another lyricist? I am a passionate writer.

“I don’t believe in money or fame. When this happened, I felt really bad. I even suggested to them to get the whole song written by the other lyricist. That also didn’t happen. This was very disheartening for me. If you are a creative and passionate person, it will kill you emotionally.”

So, why did he choose to stay quiet till the song’s release?

“So that people understand that it is unethical. I didn’t want to make a controversy out of it because it makes no sense,” said Ingole.

He felt that by sharing his concern, he could perhaps set an example in the industry.

What is he expecting from the film’s makers?

“I am not expecting anything. It’s not just about the makers or producers. I feel the issue is from all the sides. I don’t have anybody to blame but I feel that I am in the wrong place and at wrong time.”

IANS tried contacting Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt, but they were unavailable for comment.

The film is slated to release on October 12.

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