The year 2018 has only been about the success of content films and Bollywood weddings. Both of them have surprised us and how! Recently, Bollywood actors Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh tied the knot in a private ceremony in Italy. It was then followed by another couple, Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas who got married in India. Now that everyone’s getting married, the Zero actress Katrina Kaif too spilled some beans about her marriage.

Recently, we met Katrina for a conversation wherein she spoke about her wedding, and how people and media reacted to her presence at #DeepVeer’s Mumbai’s reception.

Is Wedding On The Cards For Katrina Kaif? The Zero Actress Reveals!
Is Wedding On The Cards For Katrina Kaif? The Zero Actress Reveals!

On being asked if she has some plans of settling down anytime soon as all her contemporaries are getting married, to which she said that these things can’t be planned beforehand. She said, “Everyone ask that question but I think you can’t plan that. We don’t go on the Internet and press a button, and we get a man. It doesn’t happen that way. I think it is best honestly to leave these things up into… put it out there if you want, if you feel that you need a partner, you can put it out there. But I don’t think searching or planning for is necessarily the way for it. I think if it is meant to happen, it would happen on its own. Many of the times the things that I have planned, we plan for them but it doesn’t work out. So who knows maybe the things that you don’t plan, will be the things that work out.”

She also stated that she does believes in destiny.

Further when she was questioned on how she reacted when people started commenting about her presence on Deepika and Ranveer’s reception and how does she dealt with all this, she simply said it doesn’t really matters. Adding to it, ask her if she thinks media has misjudged her, she said, “I genuinely don’t feel that media misjudge me very much. I think sometimes some people say few harsh things, sometimes nice things. I don’t feel a wave of misjudgment. I think everyone is pretty cool or maybe I’m not seeing something. I feel it is all fine. Obviously people will make a comment on that because we have not been in each other’s circles in our lives. But as I said before, I react very instinctively and emotionally. If I feel something, then I will do it. I felt like going, I went. We had a nice night, everyone shared a lot of warmth and it is a big phase in their lives, big new step for them and I was happy to be the part of that celebration.”

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