A few years back when Bhatts had decided to launch first of their franchises, ‘Raaz‘, it was Mohit Suri who was the trusted one. Since Vikram and Bhatt brothers had distanced themselves from each other, it was Mohit who continued the ‘Raaz‘ franchise by making ‘Raaz – The Mystery Continues‘. This was three years ago, Mohit managed to deliver a success as well and the floodgates opened for Bhatts who started working on quite a few sequels in a jiffy. However when it came to ‘Raaz 3‘, it was back to Vikram for Bhatts. One wonders whether Mohit feel a tad disappointed with the turn of events.

Mohit Suri
Mohit Suri


“When we started thinking about ‘Raaz 3‘, Mohit was busy with ‘Murder 2“, says Mukesh Bhatt, “Moreover why should he feel bad about Vikram taking over? After all, he was the one took over from Vikram for ‘Raaz – The Mystery Continues‘. Even for ‘Murder 2‘ he took over from Anurag Basu who had made ‘Murder’. Now he has taken over ‘Aashiqui 2‘ for which Mahesh Bhatt is the architect. Please understand that at the end of it all, everything stays in the family. Mohit had assisted Vikram and Vikram had assisted Mahesh. It is the circle of life we are following.”

Now that ‘Raaz 3‘ has released, one can well expect comparisons to be made with ‘Raaz’, more so due to Vikram and Bipasha combination. Is the production house prepared for that?




  1. Bhatt’s knows the pulse of their fan following, small budget, household technicians, explicit content, Best music and average Box Office Targets. They got benefitted by that rule.
    Many times they hit Jackpot lke ‘Jannat’.


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