Indian Fans are waiting for Avengers 4 Trailer, the #whereistheavengers4trailer trends across the country!


Global Media picks up on the India trend, fan memes and videos go viral!!

Ever since the shocking events of Avengers Infinity War, audiences have been eager to see what’s next for Earth’s Mightiest in their fight against Thanos. With constant buzz and speculation reaching its highest point as we speak, Marvel fans in India have begun asking the main guys and the Russo Brothers, including Marvel, that, where indeed is the Avengers 4 trailer!

Indian Fans Globally Trend 'Where Is Avengers 4 Trailer' & International Media Picks It Up!
Indian Fans Globally Trend ‘Where Is Avengers 4 Trailer’ & International Media Picks It Up!

Influencer and YouTube sensation Ashish Chanchlani has started this movement, asking through agitated videos asking where is the trailer and very soon, the hashtag #whereistheavengers4trailer trended!

Fans, followers have sent hilarious replies, memes, videos and have tagged the global Marvel team too!

We wonder if they will respond to Indian fans with something exciting!

AshishChanchlani’s video:

Fan videos:


Tweets and memes





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