As Shah Rukh Khan said in Chak De, “Mujhe states ke naam na sunai dete hai na dikhai dete hai… sirf ek mulk ka naam sunai deta hai I-N-D-I-A.” Well, on the occasion of our 68th Independence Day, we wish all our brethren a ‘Happy Independence Day’ and hope for a great future of our countrymen.


As a celebration for this big day for all Indians, here is a compilation of some of the best ‘patriotic’ moments that every 90s kid must have experienced while growing up.

Check out 10 moments that gave you a ‘Indiawaale’ feeling and made you say ‘I Love My Country’ here:

That Moment In K3G When ‘Krish’ Sings The National Anthem In A London School!

That Moment In Chak De-India When A ‘Firang’ Hoists The India Flag! ”Pehli Baar Kisi Gore Ko India Ka Tiranga Lehrate Hue Dekh Raha Hoon”

That Moment In Lakshya When An Injured Capt. Karan, Hoists The India Flag As A Sign Of Victory!

That ‘Hum Jeet Gaye’ Moment In Lagaan!

That Moment In Rang De Basanti When Young Guns Salute The India Gate!

That Famous Speech On Indian Achievements In Namastey London!

Those Goosebumps You Get When You Hear A R Rahman’s – Maa Tujhe Salaam *Preferably In Full Volume*

The Epic Moment Of India Winning The World Cup After 28 Years!

The Song That Defines Our ‘Indianness’

The Pride You Feel After Watching This Ad On ‘Respect The National Anthem’

Share with us your ‘Indiawaale’ feeling! Happy Independence Day folks!

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  1. Indianwaale? Most Indian people emigrate to UK, Canada etc. They would pretend to be indianwaale only when they are cosily enjoying the Pounds and Dollars. Although they’d do anything to be British, Canadians or Americans, they’d still voice out loud that they are proud to be Indians. Isn’t it double standards? Those who are deep rooted right there in India are facing the harsh realities of rape, corruption, casteism and all other horrific plagues of the society which is nothing to be proud of.

    Independence doesn’t mean to hoist a flag, sing national anthem…it’s about how free you feel in your own country..

    Enough of projecting movies where people are in New York, London etc and they claim they are proud to be Indians, singing and dancing. Deep inside they are happy they are NOT in India!!


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