Komal Nahta
Komal Nahta

The Monday (December 26) episode of Koimoi.com’s editor, Komal Nahta’s show on ETC Bollywood Business – created quite a furore among the citizens of Nepal who misconstrued an innocuous statement as being motivated and/or factually wrong. Your editor, while giving out the all-India weekend collections of Don 2, mentioned “…not to forget the Nepal territory because Nepal territory is also a part of India…”. Obviously, he was referring to the industry norm of including the Nepal business of films in the India business rather than the Overseas business. Some people in Nepal were up in arms against the channel and the host for what they construed was a blasphemous error. How could the host of the show say that Nepal was part of India, they demanded to know. They, obviously, had viewed the host’s comment out of context and chose to ignore that what was mentioned was in context to film business calculations, not geography.

For Film Biz Purposes Nepal Territory Is Added To India Biz

Probably, most of the Nepali citizens who created a controversy where none existed, weren’t even aware that Nepal is, in fact, counted as part of India for the express purpose of counting the domestic shares of Bollywood films. Some irate citizens of the neighbouring country even wanted to know why the show host had not said that UK, USA and Dubai were part of India. Obviously, you are apt to say, because the business of UK, USA and Dubai is not added to the India figures to arrive at the domestic total. Anyway, matters calmed down when your editor and show host, Komal Nahta, tweeted a long clarification  It must be mentioned here that there were other citizens of Nepal, who understood the context in which Nahta referred to the business of Nepal being included in the business of India.

The December Connection With Nepal

Incidentally, Delhi Times, a Times Of India supplement, carried Nahta’s clarificatory tweet in its edition dated 30th December. An aside: prior to this, Madhuri Dixit and Hrithik Roshan have been at the centre of controversies in relation to Nepal. In 1998, Madhuri had to apologise when she said that Nepal was once a part of India. Again in 2000, Hrithik had to clarify that he had never stated that he hated Nepal and its people. Coincidentally, while Madhuri’s statement was allegedly made on 22nd December, Hrithik is alleged to have angered the Nepalis around 25th Decemer. The day your editor’s controversial show was aired was on 26th December. There’s something about December, right? Dharmendra had also allegedly won the wrath of the people of Nepal around 40 years ago.

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