Bang Bang is finally releasing on 2nd October. The film had gone through its share of delays and hiccups especially during Hrithik Roshan’s ill-health. The actor had to undergo a very difficult brain surgery and took a long time to recuperate from it. Soon after, he separated from 17 year long spouse Susanne Khan. Roshan is so full of positive energy that it seems he is clearly over the rock bottom phase of his life.

In a conversation with Koimoi, we asked Hrithik what was his biggest challenge while shooting Bang Bang and his quick reply was, “To get the blood out my brain was my biggest challenge during Bang Bang. I had a flight to catch in 8 hours. I was on a treadmill feeling something is amiss with me. I was going for an action schedule and something was wrong with me. My co-ordination, my legs and hands, they were all feeling very very funny. I had to sign something but it was very difficult to write. My handwriting was very off. I called the doctor to get a brain scan done. Scan showed that the left side of my brain was full of blood and the brain had shifted to the right. Even then I said I have to fly in 8 hours and the doctors clearly said if I fly, I die! I got the best doctors, I researched. I met about 4-5 doctors. But then I zeroed on the doctor who blasted me and said ‘Shut Up, I am the doctor. I know what to do!’ I knew this is the man whose hands won’t shake about entering Hrithik Roshan’s brain.”

Hrithik Roshan at an event
Hrithik Roshan at an event

Talking further about his operation, the actor elaborated, “Inside the operation room, I was relaxing. Singing songs with the nurses but then I saw the blood spurt out from my head. They have an instrument like a jack-hammer and the noise it makes is intolerable. You’ll want to gnash your teeth. 10 people hold your head down and the jackhammer drills a hole. I was shaking and suddenly the blood spurted out. I was conscious all the time. Any brain surgery needs you to be awake so that someone can keep a check on facial expressions. If the needle goes too far you twitch and your facial expressions go haywire.”

After nearly 6 months of healing period the actor is fine and prepping up to release a smashing film on 2nd October. Directed by Siddharth Anand, Bang Bang stars Hrithik along with Katrina Kaif in lead roles.

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