Shraddha Kapoor
Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor has had a stable year but her films have exhibited distinct variety. From Ek Villain‘s vendetta story to Haider‘s soulful rendition, Shraddha Kapoor has changed her image from a star to an actress with a film like Haider to her credit. Two weeks into the release, the film is already a massive success. Koimoi catches up with the actress to have conversation about Haider, being in a Vishal Bhardwaj film and ABCD‘s dance. Here we go:


Haider is already a success story, both creatively as well as monetarily. This was clearly once in a lifetime film for you. How does the success feel?
Haider is an unbelievable film. People are even saying it is the best film of the decade. It’s outstanding. The response has been phenomenal. I watched the film two days before it released and watched it as an audience. It’s hard to believe I have made my way into this film. The energy of people’s appreciation, love is overwhelming. Everyday is now a happy day for me and am smiling constantly.

Haider is a very political film and yet, it is a very bold film in terms of its theme. Do you agree that efforts like Haider and the success of it will motivate young filmmakers to make such films?
A lot of filmmakers were very happy with Haider for the same reason. There is freedom to make any kind of film as long as the film is good. Haider is a film which if made a few years ago might not have pulled crowds like now. I am not sure how many open minded people would go. Most people like out and out commercial looking films. Haider‘s success proves that the audience’s mind is also changing and you cannot fool people again and again. Vishal Sir will present things as it is. He has an unshakable vision. As actors, we are told to do a Vishal Bhardwaj film to be part of something authentic.

This isn’t your first success. Aashiqui 2 and Ek Villain both were humongous hits and yet being successful with a Haider is crucial. What is the difference in the level of success of these films for you.
The films are very different. Aashiqui 2 was a major turning point. My life changed over a Friday. Suddenly from someone who was hoping and praying for offers, to someone who was getting big offers. It all happened in one night. With Ek Villian, it was proved that we could repeat success and Aashiqui 2 wasn’t a fluke. Once you have given a hit, there is more pressure. But with Haider, just being a part of it is enough for me. I don’t want anything more.

Haider wasn’t a film that furthered your heroine image at all. Did being a part of Haider push you into an apprehensive zone?
I was actually apprehensive that if I am not capable of getting a Haider, everything will go for a toss. The feedback after Haider is unanimous. They are all so happy that I decided to be a part of the film. In Ek Villain and Aashiqui 2, I had lengthier roles but in Haider the length of the role doesn’t matter. It’s about being a part of a phenomenal film. This film will be remembered forever. After doing Haider, I have surprised people. People thought I would do only glamorous roles. I am getting more different roles. I am here to do good films and the message is out now. Being part of a good film, is the best thing.

People are expecting a hit with ABCD sequel. Are you you looking for the same with the film?
I have never done a film thinking about how much it will make, it will be a hit or not. I have always thought of being in a film that has a good script, good role and good director. I want go surprise myself and do well. If the films perform, then it’s a cherry on the cake. With ABCD I finally get to dance, something I want to do for a while. Right from my look to dance, everything is different from Haider.

A day after Haider released, the film was boycotted by many on grounds of being an anti national film. What’s your take on that?
When I read Haider, I did not wholly understand the script. After the yes for the film, I began reading more, educating more. Haider felt good. Basharat has done a lot of work involving Kashmir and he has a good sense of knowledge as well as a reality check in terms of what he is portraying. I really don’t think anything shown in Haider is misconstrued information.

You are shooting for ABCD 2. Tell us how is it going so far.
The sequel has the same flavor of the original. It’s a dance film. It’s the biggest star of the film. We have retained all dancers from the first film, just me and Varun are new additions. They made ABCD a success. Me and Varun are the two actors put amidst dancers in this film. Varun is a brilliant dancer and me, by the end of the film I will become a good dancer.

Parineeti had once said that actresses can sit and watch television together. Catfights are a figment of imagination. What do you think makes you younger actors so secure?
I think the rumors of actresses and their catfights is rubbish. Believe me, the boys do it more. I really think so and they smartly put on the girls.

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