While the entire nation waited with bated breaths for Govinda to make an appearance on Bigg Boss alongside Salman Khan, the common fans hope that the duo revive their unforgettable ‘Partner‘-ship soon. News reports had earlier suggested that Salman Khan and Govinda were to appear together in a Marathi film but Govinda did not quite agree on doing the project.

Ahead of Kill Dil and Happy Ending‘s release, the actor clarified his stance of not working with Salman on that specific Marathi film. He explained, “I didn’t reject the film because it was Marathi or it was in a vernacular language. My reason was very different. My primary prerogative was that I did not want to do an art film. I don’t like the idea of it.”

Salman Khan and Govinda
Salman Khan and Govinda

But Salman and he have remained close since many years despite this ambitious project not working out for them. Ask Govinda, if Salman couldn’t be Dabangg enough in convincing him, and he laughs before saying, “Salman had said he will make a few changes in the script and returned to me again with it, but it still failed to interest me. I thought it was a purely art film and I don’t want to do an art film at least with Salman. Salman had earlier done a small guest appearance for me but after Partner, I have never tried to involve him career wise, or trouble him or anyone else for that matter. I feel that if someone is good at heart, it shouldn’t seem like we are taking advantage of them. We are friends from the time we haven’t even done a film together and we never thought our friendship would work career wise too.”

Though Govinda did not shun away the idea of working with Salman, he did maintain that if they were to return together, it has to be an all in all fun affair. While slates and slots are running full for Bhaijaan who began shooting for Kabir Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan yesterday, Govinda is content playing unusual characters in upcoming films Kill Dil and Happy Ending which are already victories for the actor is beginning his second innings in Bollywood on a great note.

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