Neetu Singh and Rishi Kapoor look like a couple who’ve been around each other for so many years that even their lines are synchronized! The handsome Bollywood couple who met and fell in love on the sets of their films are better known as the parents of the current hottie, Ranbir Kapoor. But Neetu and Rishi could not be more proud of their son.

After more than two decades, Neetu Singh has made her return to films with hubby Rishi in Do Dooni Chaar. Neetu had given up her acting career after marriage and cites it as a personal choice, “I started working when I was 5 years old and I left it when I was almost 21. I did almost 60-70 films in that span so I obviously wanted a life of my own. I don’t regret that decision one bit. And now that Ranbir is busy and Riddhima is married, it was the apt time for a comeback.”

Rishi Kapoor agrees, “When we were dating and planning to get married, we decided that one of us had to stay at home with the kids. One parent had to be at home and one had to be the breadwinner.”

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Neetu fondly remembers her early married years when she had no idea about managing a household, “I didn’t know how to cook so I had to go to learn it. Raj Kapoor supported me a lot. He would eat my dishes (however bad they were) and would always praise them,” she giggles. “She’s a fantastic cook” Rishi adds, and pointing at his belly “Dikhta nahi hai (isn’t it obvious)?”

With their own fabulous careers behind them, Rishi and Neetu aren’t the types to boss around Ranbir Kapoor with their opinions, “It feels great to be known as Ranbir Kapoor’s parents…I help him with the finances because he needs help with that but if he asked me, he wouldn’t have done half the films he has like Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year, Raajneeti, Wake Up Sid…I was in autopilot after Bobby, I always wanted to do romantic movies. I was the running-around-the-trees types of hero. Raj Kapoor was my father not my secretary, similarly I am Ranbir’s father not his secretary. I don’t tell him which films to do or not to do.”

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