Hrithik Roshan will be on Salman Khan’s reality game show Bigg Boss tonight (October 9). The superstar, who is riding high on Bang Bang success, visited the Bigg Boss house and met the contestants and celebrated the tremendous success of Bang Bang with them.

Hrithik also gave Bang Bang dares – the most talked about marketing activity of this year for sure as the industry completed those tasks with incredible sporting spirit – to all the contestants.

Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik Roshan

Visiting Bigg Boss now is yet another innovative, out-of-the-box strategy from the marketing team of Bang Bang as they are clearly pushing the second weekend of the film after the movie created records in it’s first weekend. Hrithik and Katrina did not visit any reality show and neither did they do any Hindi fiction show integrations to promote Bang Bang and the marketing call to stay away from these popular platforms certainly did not hamper the box office of the film!

Now that the content of Bang Bang has been driving the people to the theatres, the makers have decided to create incremental buzz around the film as it heads into the crucial second weekend of it’s release. The decision to be on Bigg Boss is even smarter as it’s the only reality show currently on air and is getting all the eyeballs. Hrithik’s episode will air on Thursday, a day before the weekend kicks in. Clearly, a mature yet smart call has been taken to promote the film further!

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