How Kay Kay Menon Got Bitten On Bheja Fry 2An outdoor shoot may not always be the best idea. Ask Kay Kay Menon about that. The actor was left with some nasty bites from the local sandflies after his shoot in Indonesia.

While shooting in Bitan, Indonesia for his upcoming film Bheja Fry 2, Kay Kay Menon got bitten by some local insects known as sandflies. Says a source “While shooting in Bitan (Indonesia), Kay Kay was relaxing post a shoot and suddenly got bitten by some insects but he brushed them off as mosquitoes. It was only the next morning that Kay Kay realized that his entire body was covered in red blotchy spots. Next thing you know bottles of antiseptic lotion were called for but nothing seemed to work.”

That was when a local line producer on the film stepped in to save the day and recommended using “Autaan” a local sandfly repellent. “A local line producer on Bheja Fry 2 offered to help and got bottles of Autaan – a sandfly repellant and recommended its use. After this episode using the repellent became a staple on the sets”adds the source.

We wonder how Kay Kay’s co-stars dealt with their bitten co-star!

Bheja Fry 2 releases on 17th May, 2011.

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