Actress Kriti Sanon on Sunday urged people to handle the #MeToo movement responsibly and to not dilute the movement with their anonymity.

She believes men and women must reveal their identity before imposing serious allegations against someone.


The “Bareilly Ki Barfi” star took to Twitter to share her thoughts.

Kriti Sanon questions veracity of anonymous #MeToo stories
Housefull 4 Actress Kriti Sanon Requests All Men & Women To Reveal Their Identity While Sharing #MeToo Stories

Kriti wrote: “What happens when a #MeToo story of an ‘anonymous’ girl comes out against someone? Do we simply believe it without even knowing who the girl is or if she even exists? How does one inspect such an incident in order to come to any conclusion? Is it fair to consider the accused ‘guilty’ when the MeToo story does not come with the victim’s name? Should the media carry such stories?”

According to Kriti, any story without proper identification can “spoil someone’s name and career”.

So, she asked everyone to “handle the #MeToo movement responsibly and find out a lawful way” for it.


“All women/men who want to share their #MeToo stories to either come out in open with their names and faces or file a FIR or a legal case(while asking for your identity to not be given to media or public) so that case can be at least inspected and the #MeToo movement does not get misused or diluted,” the 28-year-old added.

Kriti thanked girls for showing courage to speak out their harassment stories in public and said that #MeToo movement will now bring fear in people before they do anything wrong.

“Thanks to you girls and the movement that now people will fear being caught if they wrong anyone. This fear was much needed and is hopefully here to stay.”

The actress is also a part of film “Housefull 4”, which was earlier being directed by Sajid Khan before multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct. He has been replaced in the project now.



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