Happy Birthday Salman Khan: His every release pisses off a certain section of the audience for various obvious reasons – one of them is ‘he doesn’t put any efforts to do something different’. But why should he? Handling stardom which drags a film like Race 3 till 170 crores, why should he experiment at risk of going wrong?


He started as Prem, got lost somewhere in the mid (doing your experimental films) and emerged as THE Salman THE Khan. Yes, there was a time when people (including his father) had two thoughts about him acting in Bollywood. But he had a stockpot of chances & he finally landed on a formula which worked for him like nothing else.

Happy Birthday Salman Khan: Here's Why His Acting Will Be Remembered More Than His Stardom!
Happy Birthday Salman Khan: Here’s Why His Acting Will Be Remembered More Than His Stardom!

His best attempt at acting, for me at least, will always remain as Radhe Mohan in Tere Naam. That’s where he came close to a level, where he changed a stereotypical perception of many about him. I’ve heard many complaints about Salman Khan doing the same shit in every film, even if he does, he gives a flop of 170 crores at the box office. I’m not saying that’s a justification for giving tortures like Tubelight & Race 3, but he’s like a chef in a hotel where you serve as per the demand of the audience.


They say Salman Khan’s stardom is mortal but is it really? We’ve seen the way Shah Rukh Khan has taken to risk everything he has. Yes, Salman as of now is playing safe in his comfort zone but the best thing about him is that even if he’s taking chances he makes sure to keep the taste of audience in mind. He has reached a level of stardom, where even his bad movies work better than others’ hit but could he do this forever? Obviously, no! He will have to change the route at some point of time in his life & once the chaos of his superstardom settles down, people will not talk numbers but how amazing an actor he has been.

Be it a Jaane-E-Mann or Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, a few years from now, people will start discussing Salman Khan as an actor. Just hope, he just provides with entertainment, no matter what kind of genres he chooses & I don’t even care if he’s monotonous until he’s entertaining. Happy birthday to the man who is a box-office industry in himself.

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  1. O REALLY??? big non actor will be remembered for acting????? what a joke…He woulld be remembered for killing innocent animals..innocent humans,,,,lieing in court,,,, buying justice system and getting his witness killed!!

  2. Saving thousands of lives every year, down to earth person as he sometimes forget that he is a miga star Salman Khan, a singer, a TV host, an artist, an actor and live saver he is the real life supperman of. Love you bhai, live long!
    Wish you a happy birthday bhai.

  3. Which Idiot, Duffer, Pathetic Low life LOSER, has written this article……Clearly shows a Salman hater has written it, who is trying to abuse him but in a polite manner…….I seriously don’t understand what this so called hypocrite Media think about themself, are they bigger than Audience…..HELL NO……
    What you Idiot say, Salman do same kind of role, does not do experiment…..Yes you Dumbo if Srk do My Name is Khan than its an experiment, but when Salman do Tubelight than he still play safe…….If Srk do same Romantic role in each movie, you Idiots call it experiment, tell me you Piece Of Shit what experiment you saw in Zero…..In this also Srk is running behind girls, with his same old pathetic expression and cheep lines…..Just because he was dwarf does not make him doing different or new, its the VFX department work not Srk……

    Salman started his career as a Romantic Hero, and did brilliant job in movies like MPK, Saajan, HDDCS, Tere Naam, PKTDK, Khamoshi, Love etc……He did movies on Family Drama like HAPK, HSSH, PRDP where love is not the main ingredient……..At the Young age he did movie like Veergati, Garv which was hard-core Action/serious movie (with no Romantic angle)……Did many comedy movies like AAA, Judwaa, MSK, Partner and many more…..Did movie on serious topic like Aids “Phir Milenge”, this is not an experiment right you Idiot…….Before Dabaang he did movies like Jaan-e-mann, Main aur Mrs Khanna, Landon Dreams (all are very different movies, which if media made star like Srk or Ranbir did you duffers will go gaga over it)……..These are all same kind of movies with no experiment right Dumbo…..
    ETT was a Spy Thriller, is it not that a new subject for Bollywood at that time…..But since Salman did it so its not experiment, it is also masala…..if Srk did it than you Idiots call it Mission Impossible of India……
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan was also not experiment, Why because Salman did it……Sultan 1st Biggest India’s Wrestling movie (atleast among all his age actors) is also not experiment…..it was also masala….
    Tubelight is a Baap of Masala, right you Idiot…..
    and Bharat his upcoming movie will be another masala without any experiment…….if Srk and Aamir did it than it become Masterpiece and an experimental movie……

    Just look at Srk’s career 90% of his movies are Romantic with same expression and same way of begging with two arms…..
    Today is Salman’s Birthday and this way you are wishing him, by writing such insulting article……Idiots Salman never need media, Millions/Billions of Public’s love are with him…..They watch their movie and love his acting….no matter how much shit you people through out of your mouth……..Salman never give importance to media and so called critics that’s why from the beginning of his career you always criticize him no matter what he do……Get a life you Losers

    Just because you wrote one good line in the end does not justify your pathetic article……No matter what shitty media like you think…..Salman always try to make a different movies, he do experiment without vulgarity and abusing language, which now a days if any actor do you people call it experiment and he become a brilliant actor for you (media)…… ..Salman is and always remain one of the Best Actors we have in our Industry…..Without Experiment and Acting no Actor or Star can survive in this Industry for 30 Long Years…..And Salman not only survive but he rule this industry like no one before……..

    Sorry for my abusive words, but i wrote this whole comment with full of anger, i was so angry that if that writer is in-front of me, i may slap him…….I am not going to remove abusive words, because the writer deserve this…..At the end I am regular visitor of your site Koimoi, but not any more……..


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