Hansal Mehta Reveals A ‘Massive Star’ Refused To Meet His Specially Abled Son Amidst Video Of Nagarjuna’s Security Shoving A Fan Goes Viral
Hansal Mehta Reveals A ‘Massive Star’ Refused To Meet His Specially Abled Son After Video Of Nagarjuna’s Security Shoving A Fan Goes Viral(Photo Credit –Instagram/Facebook)

South superstar Nagarjuna has been in the eye of a critical storm after a video went viral of his security shoving a fan away. There was so much backlash that Nagarjuna later apologized for the way his security behaved. But fans and even people from the industry are questioning why the bad behavior happened in the first place. Many fans have reacted to the incident, but there has been a kind of silence from the industry’s end. However, director Hansal Mehta and his son Jai Mehta reacted to the incident with a personal anecdote and called on celebrities to be better.

Hansal Mehta’s son Jai Mehta, known for being behind the scenes of Scam 1992 and Disney Plus Hotstar’s latest Lootere, is reacting to Nagarjuna’s viral video. The director lashed out and even slammed the culture of celebrities being negligent; taking to X, Jay wrote a long note. He wrote, “I’d like to point out (I could be wrong. But I don’t think I am) that the gentleman asking for the ‘stars’ attention seems to be specially abled. Do they think a staff member/ employee at an airport who must be witnessing celebrities walk in and out of that very same arrivals gate at least 100 times a day would just barge into their personal space and nudge them for a look? The answer is NO! That man is clearly handicapped. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I highly doubt I am. In fact, I have a feeling I sat on a chair outside this very outlet last week, waiting for a friend to pick me up from the airport, and noticed this specially-abled person.”

Mehta continued, “The security guards ought to be educated on how to control a crowd better and more respectfully. Celebrities, politicians, and sportsmen need to start being a little less self-obsessed and giving a little more. Don’t get me wrong here. I love this actor; I’ve always loved him. But I hate that he didn’t even bother to look at the person that walked into him and didn’t even bother to look back at the person that got shoved away from him by his security guard! The only reason all the biggies in the world are big is because ‘inconsequential’ people like this little chap give you that respect, adulation, and admiration. If it weren’t for them, you’d be a nobody!”

Jai Mehta then explianed his reasoining for going off on the actor. He revealed, “Now why this particular video really pissed me off. My younger brother, Pallava, is mentally challenged. He has Down’s syndrome. It’s not something he contracted through a dirty syringe… he was born like this. It’s genetic. Trivia: He is a die hard Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan fan. Practically knows all their movies and songs. And this is a big deal for us because he can barely pronounce our names as well as he does their names, movies, or songs!”

Jai, Hansal Mehta’s son then brought focus back to how he would feel if someone were to behave with his brother impolitely. He said, “Now, to the reason this particular incident really hit the one nerve I have left. I’m so used to seeing my brother get weird looks from people. Even educated-aware-so called Woke people. But that’s okay. I’m used to it. But what would really break my heart is… if I ever took my younger brother to an industry film screening with me, and by chance, at this event, his two idols were present. I wouldn’t want my brother’s innocence and lack of understanding to get him pushed/ flung by anybody that way.”

Mehta revealed that he would not tolerate bad behavior towards his brother. “ No matter who they are. The only reason he has never come for any of our screenings is that if somebody were to make a snarky comment on him or were to push him because he was supposedly ‘being weird,’ something he wouldn’t do, but in his case, you can never truly know… but those peeps would have a lot more to worry about than an ‘image-damaging’ post on X or Instagram. Somebody would’ve got hurt really badly!”

Jai even tried explaining things from his perspective, “I’m sorry to be so extra and vocal. But it just triggered me because I can picture my brother doing the exact same thing to almost any person he might’ve seen on TV, including Nagarjuna Sir. I guess I’ll just need to teach the handicapped kid to keep his head down and his mouth shut instead of teaching an educated person with a sound state of mind to be a little more aware and gentle.”

Hansal Mehta’s Reaction 

Scoop director Hansal Mehta revealed a shocking incident about when a star refused to meet his specially abled son. Taking to X, he wrote, “True story. So my son Pallava is a fan of this massive star. I’d requested through his brother and his close friends at various times that meeting the star would mean the world to him. And it would be my gift to my boy. When his eyes were operated on, the first person he recognized in the newspaper was that star. But no. There was no response from the star or his friends. I gave up. Now, over the years, Pallu’s cognitive abilities have declined. And this will have no meaning even if it has to happen.”

After the video went viral, Nagarjuna reposted it to his account and wrote, “This just came to my notice… this shouldn’t have happened!! I apologize to the gentleman and will take necessary precautions to prevent it from happening again!!!”

As the video continues to circulate, fans are calling on celebrities to do better.

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