The Nepotism debate around Bollywood has been a long-standing one and now Hunterrr actor Gulshan Devaiah has finally opened up one the nepotism debate. The actor’s cryptic tweet that read, “nepotism is just the tip of the iceberg” and “some actors don’t want to work with certain actors because they are insecure about getting overshadowed and hence veto casting choices by the makers” on Tuesday has got many eyebrows rising.


Now, throwing clarity on the Tweets, Gulshan has said, “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I wanted to express something by being honest without trying to be sensational.” By that, he means name-calling. But he admits his post was triggered by something he has faced “more than once”.

Gulshan Devaiah Has Opened Up On The Nepotism Debate: All Kind Of Listers Practice Favoritism and Nepotism
Gulshan Devaiah Opens Up On Nepotism Debate: “All Kind Of Listers Practice Favoritism & Nepotism”

Speaking to Hindustan Times in the same conversation, the Shaitan actor further said, “From nepotism to favoritism, we all go through it. I’m sure it happens to others, too.”


However, Gulshan does not find it necessary to call out people and get involved in mudslinging. When the actor was further prodded if he is referring to an A-lister practicing favoritism and nepotism, Gulshan said, “Yes, totally… All kinds of listers. This particular one is definitely… Let me just say it’s somebody who is doing really good for themselves. Somebody who is enjoying their stardom. It could be an actress also… I’m not telling you. I don’t see a point in taking names. It will be a sensational story, but everybody knows that then I’m done in this business. I have so much more to contribute and achieve here. I don’t want to drop an axe on my own foot.”

Gulshan concluded by explaining the reason behind bringing out this discussion now, “Sometimes I meet people who look up to me and my work and I feel it’s important for me to tell them the reality, and to tell them that hard work and being good is not good enough because of all this sh*t happens. You have to be prepared to endure this, and find a way out of this because it can beat you down to the ground.”

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