Gulshan Devaiah feels 'threatened' by a fan, warns of 'consequences'
Gulshan Devaiah feels ‘threatened’ by a fan, warns of ‘consequences’ (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Gulshan Devaiah on Thursday took to social media to express that he is a bit threatened and annoyed by a fan. The reason is the fan has learnt a lot about him than he is comfortable.

Even though the actor chose not to disclose the identity of the fan, he warned the fan with “consequences”, saying he would not sit quiet if the former does “anything stupid”.



Gulshan Devaiah shared a note on his Instagram and Twitter accounts that reads: “I have a fan, whose identity I will protect for now, who doesn’t understand boundaries despite me sincerely and repeatedly requesting that person to do so. I feel a bit annoyed and a bit threatened as well for myself, my cats, friends and family because that person seems to know a lot about me then I am comfortable. I am very friendly, approachable and will mostly always oblige requests to take a picture or chat a bit… but this is going a bit beyond my patience level. You know who you are! I appeal to you sincerely! Please please please don’t do anything stupid because I am not going to sit quietly after that. There will be consequences. God bless you.”

Reacting to his post, netizens expressed their concern. Some also felt that this “fan” of Gulshan Devaiah reminds them of the Shah Rukh Khan films “Darr” and “Fan”.

“Is it a #Darr type fan or #Fan type fan? Anyways there should be certain limits so that someone shouldn’t feel threatened or harassed, please beware whoever this is and live and let others live peacefully,” commented a user.

“You are the most humble celebrity. Please respect your boundaries dear fellow fans,” warned a fan.

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