Social media is going gaga since last evening when the teaser of Akshay Kumar’s Gold was unveiled to the fans and after that, this morning saw the power-packed trailer of Ajay Devgn’s Raid. It’s a win-win situation for the movie buffs, for whom these 24 hours brought in a double bonanza.

We are going to speak at length about both the trailer and the teaser here and let us know which one did you enjoy more over the other.

Gold Teaser Or Raid Trailer
Gold Teaser Or Raid Trailer


The teaser saw Akshay Kumar in a new transformed look, sporting a thin moustache and speaking in a perfect Bengali dialect. He portrays the character of a Hockey Player who won India’s first gold medal at the Olympics. Set in the late 40’s, the teaser is a short glimpse into the journey of a hockey player, struggling to win a Gold medal for the nation. While India had been winning Gold medals playing for British, a man dreams of winning the Gold for India. This less than a minute long video, will arise the patriot in you and make to dream of making your country proud one day.


On the other hand, Ajay Devgn’s Raid is on the lines of honesty and being true to one’s duties towards the nation. We see Ajay Devgn as the brave and dutiful Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax in Lucknow in the trailer. Set in the ’80s and plot of the film is centred around a famous income tax raid that happened in Uttar Pradesh. The film tries to make a change in the system through the help of administrative officials and shows them in a good light unlike the image surrounding them.

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