Farhan Akhtar organises food donation programme, distributing 1000 thalis daily; NGO secretary shares details
Farhan Akhtar organises food donation programme, distributing 1000 thalis daily; NGO secretary shares details I(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Only in December recently, Farhan Akhtar had made a generous donation for a local priest and his family in Varanasi to have a proper shelter. Now, again as the country battles the second wave of the virus and many are left in distress, the actor-filmmaker steps in as aid for the Covid affected families and caregivers in the city of Uttar Pradesh.

Away from the media limelight, Farhan continues to work with non-for-profit organisation, Hope For Welfare Trust. His donations are being used to feed patients and caregivers in distress.

Diyanshu Upadhyay, secretary of the NGO shared that these donations are not only being used to feed the virus infected patients, but also the people working at Harishchandra and Manikarnika shamshan ghats in Varanasi. He shared, “Eight of us from the Hope team have been distributing 1000 thalis every day in the city. Each thali has rice, dal, roti, sabzi, salad and biscuits. If we distribute lunch to the hospitals during the day, at night, we focus on the cremation grounds. Farhan Akhtar sir has always stood by us in our times of need, and we are grateful for his contribution this time.”

The NGO secretary also shared that he reached out to Farhan Akhtar through social media when the city saw a surge in Covid cases and the actor gave a prompt response, was ready to help. The NGO continues to do Covid- relief work, helping patients find oxygen cylinders, arranging medicines and other medical necessities in these times.

The actor covertly and pro-actively has been contributing for the welfare and well-being of people in complete distress. Recently, he helped the National level boxer and NIS qualified coach who was struggling to make ends meet, return to coaching young boxing aspirants. Last year, Farhan Akhtar also distributed 1000 PPE kits for the Healthcare workers of government hospitals.

Doing the noble job of helping people in need and maintaining silence about it speaks a lot about Farhan’s large-hearted nature. Charity and donations continue to be made by various people from the country and Farhan Akhtar too is giving back to the society in every way possible.

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