Just a few months ago, actor Fardeen Khan had ecstatically announced on Twitter that he and his wife were expecting twins. The couple even shifted to London then, to keep Natasha’s (Fardeen’s wife) health safe from the Dengue scare prevalent during those days.

However, unfortunately, Natasha had a miscarriage lately and the couple lost their unborn babies. Saddened by the misfortune, Fardeen wrote on Twitter about the tragedy that had struck their new phase of life.

Fardeen Khan with wife Natasha
Fardeen Khan with wife Natasha

Tweeted Fardeen, “As delighted as we were to announce Natasha’s pregnancy I am equally saddened to say she had a late miscarriage. As the saying goes “What doesn’t kill you can only make u stronger”. Life is Life is Life. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”

“Most importantly Natasha is in good health and can have try again. This half-pint I married is a warrior in every sense,” Added Fardeen later.

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