Did You Know? Farah Khan Once Said: "My Biggest Achievement Now Is The Fact That I Had A Tummy Tuck"
When Farah Khan Admitted That Her Biggest Achievement Was Having A Tummy Tuck (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Farah Khan has donned many hats in Bollywood, which is considered to be a male-dominated film industry. The award-winning filmmaker broke all stereotypes and earned her rightful place in the industry. Not just in her professional life, her bold decisions in her personal life too deserve applause.

The ace filmmaker decided to get married when she was almost touching forty. She then opted for IVF and became a mother for three lovely children and then, went for a tummy tuck at the age of 47. She did not mince her words for the choices she made and openly spoke about getting a tummy tuck.

Farah Khan in her column for Hindustan Times wrote, “I’ve been known as a No. 1 choreographer, a director who has made hit films, a mother to triplets, an actor and producer, and an awards-winner. But my biggest achievement now is the fact that I had a tummy tuck at the age of 47, and I admit it! I think the women of the world will give me a bravery award for saying so. People are amazed when I tell them that I’ve done this. In fact, I even had visitors at the hospital. Many people took my surgeon’s number and I’m sure he’s busier than ever now.”

The filmmaker also said, “Usually, people say they’re going on a holiday when they’re actually having surgery. If you’ve had surgery, what’s wrong with admitting it? Also, some surgeries are evident. People go abroad with one face and come back with another. And then they say, ‘It’s a diet’, ‘I’ve been going to a new gym,’ and what not. When you ask them the address of the gym, they get amnesia. I think to myself then, ‘That gym is in some surgeon’s office!'”

Farah Khan then concluded by writing, “Now that I’ve had a tummy tuck, I know that when people say that their hot body is a result of pilates, it’s all crap. Aisa flat stomach pilates se nahi aata hain! But I’m happy with what I’ve done. Now when I go to a shop, I find something that fits me. But your mind plays the devil’s role. Now that I fit into a large, I want to be a medium!”

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